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Message par Chronos R. le Lun 28 Avr - 8:49

Also see http://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/commen...te_pll_part_1/ for other bits. Sorry if there are any repeats.


Ability to display all 100 inventory space in one page is planned (PC/PS4 only).
Black Mages were noted as being somewhat weak as a DPS in Second Coil. Buffs planned.
Ul'Dah's housing area is unpopular. Changes to the landscape and scenery is planned to address this (nicer night sky, less view-obstructing boulders/mountains, cleaner waters, etc.)
A new function/content for crafters called "Salv___" is planned to be introduced in 2.3. (Yoshida noted many people saying "salvage" but would not confirm that's what he's trying to say) More information to follow at the next Producer Letter Live in Nagoya (May 24th)
Ability to preview (try on) gears from the Market Board is planned to be added.
Phantasia will become availabe in 2.28 (May) Edit: the idea expressed was that all accounts will receive a free potion when the patch is released (similar to the veteran reward). A purchasing option may not yet be ready as of 2.28.
The next new hard mode dungeon will be Tam-Tara Hard (and the NPC Edda will actually be involved, despite it originally being an April Fools joke)
The new instanced dungeon will be outdoors in a bright area.

Being considered:

Ability to toggle automatic level sync when entering a FATE.
Adding Mog Extreme and Leviathan Extreme to DF.
Adding (more) contents that are affected by weather. Weather forecast should come a bit after 2.3.
Adjusting the balance of Summoner's pets, as currently Garuda is more or less the only choice in end-game contents. (will not be a nerf)

Unrevealed Contents:

Don't throw away your primal weapons (no information given as to when they might become useful in the future) (referring to hard mode weapons).
New summons will be Leviathan and/or Ramuh ("lightning old man"), and will be added the same time the level cap is raised.
Information on new jobs/classes will be revealed at upcoming events (such as E3 / Japan Expo) (?) (not coming until at least after 2.3)

Concernant le buff BLM car trouvé trop faible sur Coil2 par rapport aux autres classes je dit: huhuhu... pervers 
Et miam pour la Fantasia gratos à la 2.28!!
Chronos R.
Chronos R.
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