Yoshida au lancement de FF XIV ARR au Japon

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Yoshida au lancement de FF XIV ARR au Japon Empty Yoshida au lancement de FF XIV ARR au Japon

Message par Invité le Mer 28 Aoû - 9:45

Y: this is bad (he’s gonna cry), been doing the early access for the last 3 days, and there was lots of time lost for NA/EU players, and I deeply apologize for that, we hope to get this cleared up and get it going
(everyone cheering yoshida)
(yoship crying)
Since I took over FFXIV it’s been 3 years, at first I didn’t touch the game much and thought we should be good.
I myself love FF and love MMO, when we told the staff that we’re going to rebuild this was mentioned to the staff 2 days before we mentioned to all the staff.
soken was setting up the mic and he gave me a guts pose (cheer) when it was hard, many may of fealt that this was going to be really hard, it was really hard, for normal MMORPG it takes about 4-5 years normally.
As Wada san said earlier when you do operations you have to play a role of tank, and that’s what I have been doing, FFXIV was able to get here thanks to everyone.
We finally took the first step into FFXIV ARR, we are already working on the future patches
for those playing from previous XIV, we had times where community members left and people left, as a MMORPG player I understand how that feels.
For all the players we really made you wait a long time, I believe we were able to release a game which can be called a Final Fantasy title
This is a Final Fantasy developed with everyone, we would like to continue to keep on making this game with everyone
we would like to not forget this moment, we would like you to continue to support us

F: we would like everyone to be happy and wave, thank you
F: we’ll see you in Eorzea Reborn

F: that concludes the launch event in shibuya hikarie center
Y: thank you very much.
c'est avec respect que je félicite Naoki Yoshida et toute son équipe pour le travail effectuer, et leur écoute de la communauté.


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