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Démon Wall love1 
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Making the final adjustments to endgame content!

Producer & Director Yoshida here.

After a long wait, the time has come for me to perscribe you all some medicine. [TN: The Japanese thread this was posted in was the 'Withdrawal Symptoms' thread.]

This will be touched on in more detail during the next Producer Letter Live, however, development is now being geared towards release, and we are currently working on final adjustments for the latter half of the main scenario battles and endgame content. Of course, I have been playing as a member of the 8-man parties for endgame content, but outside of the hardened warriors of the battle team we have also been aided by core MMO players from every part of the company so that we can make further adjustments.


■Medicine #1: Assault on Litoatean■ [TN: Made-up place names are really hard to translate, sorry for the weird name.]

This is one of the battles from the latter half of the main scenario. Oh, looks like a pet job is…This fight is geared towards the Dungeon Finder too.


■Medicine #2: Denouncing the Heretics – Amdapool Fortress■

Basically this is a high-difficulty 4-man dungeon aimed at players who have finished the main quest line. It’s packed full of mechanics we couldn’t implement in the old FFXIV…and it’s pretty hard.


■Medicine #3: Garuda Prime■

This is the same fight that was in the old FFXIV. In order to fit in with the new battle system a few changes have been made. Legacy Players, be sure to check this one out.


Although I personally use mouse + keyboard, or perhaps I should say I use a variety of tools, when testing content in the office I only use Gamepad Mode to try out both methods. After making adjustments, I make one additional final check using the PS3 version.

Also, during developmental debugging, data for each DPS class is displayed in the log, and the ideal amount of DPS we want each class to do versus how much they currently do in practice is recorded and adjustments are then made. You can see a bit of this pasted into the chatlog here.

(Coincidentally, even I was so shocked when asked [How much damage can the DPS do?] that for the meantime, we have no plans to implement this DPS logging command, so please forgive me for this one.)

Even though we are performing checks, I have heard lots of cheering and shouting, and judging by the other staff members all I can see is everyone having fun lol.

Only a little bit longer before we can give you all more information, so please look forward to it!

[Hope you all enjoyed the new info and my translation isn't too confusing/off the mark. -Tank Police, Odin Server]

Il y a aussi plusieurs petites infos qu'on voit grâce à ces screenshots:

- On découvre les symboles de l'invocateur et de l'érudit
- On voit qu'on continue à gagner de l'expérience au niveau 50 (en lien avec le boost d'xp pour les classes secondaires dont on a entendu parler?)
- On voit aussi qu'il y a encore du contenu à 4 joueurs au niveau 50 (pour ceux qui préfèrent les petits groupes)
- Soit l'invocateur, soit l'érudit (je pencherais plutôt pour l'invocateur) donne un boost de Piété au groupe
- Comme mentionné précédemment, la compo des équipes de 8 dans le DF semble être 2 tanks / 2 soigneurs / 4 DD
- Pour les groupes de 8, comme on pouvait s'en douter (je ne me rappelle plus si l'info avait déjà été donnée), c'est bien 2 barres de transcendance, sauf pour les gros boss où c'est 3 barres


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Message par Invité le Lun 22 Juil - 23:09

hate de tes quand meme demon wall ca fait longtemp depuis le 12 que je l'ai pas vu


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