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Message par Invité le Mer 17 Juil - 13:05

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Envoyé par Hiroshi_Minagawa

In phase 4 we will be introducing a feature that will allow you to individually toggle the sizes of each kind of window including the HUD.
To start out the below three sizes will be possible:
• 80% (smaller)
• 100% (standard)
• 120% (larger)

Below are a couple of things to note about this as well:
• You can indicate different sizes for each window.
• The display size is saved on a window to window basis and will be maintained even if you re-open a window.
• The size settings will be saved even when logging in again.

Display process-wise it is possible to address this for 5% or even 300% size changes, so after launch we will be expanding the customizability range to be 50%-200% and making it possible to make even more minute changes.

Vus les plaintes sur la PS3 comme quoi certaines fenêtre était trop grosse, ont pourra modifier la taille de toutes les fenêtres sur la phase 4.


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