date phase 4 le 10 août ? (Après la lettre de Yoshida qui aura lieux le 8 août ? )

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date phase 4 le 10 août ? (Après la lettre de Yoshida qui aura lieux le 8 août ? )

Message par Invité le Mar 16 Juil - 13:02

Phase 4 Start date
Now that we kinda know the date for phase 4 (after august 8th) is anyone else surprised/confused? I'm assuming its gonna start on a weekend, so august 10th. They said 1 week, so August 10th-17th. Early Access is 1 week before release, the 20th.

I know this game has been pretty heavily tested, but only 3 days between open beta and early access? That seems like if there are new bugs found its not gonna give them much time to fix. And apparently there is gonna be a lot more content in phase 4 than phase 3.

If phase 4 is supposed to be more of a demo, so be it, but I still think having it earlier would be more beneficial. Trying the game from the 10th-17th doesn't give a lot of time to get your preorders in before the 20th.

I would much rather see them do only weekends for 2 or 3 weeks, or move it up to the first week in august. I think this would give them more time to fix any bugs that may come up with the new content, and give people who want to, time to preorder.

sa reste a voir tous sa mais il parait que le nouvelle lettre du producteur sortira le 8 août et a dis que la bêta sortira juste après a voir confirmation peur 


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